When it comes to safety, Connecticut Flight Club has some additional requirements beyond what is simply set forth by the FAA. We do this in coordination with our insurance provider and airplane lessors so we have complete confidence in our member’s ability to aviate safely. Among these requirements are a local checkout procedure.

  • In each club plane that the member wishes to fly, a separate checkout must be performed. The procedure is similar to a BFR and tests ones ability to perform ACS maneuvers and use good judgement. CFC uses a unified checkout form, and the member must also come to the checkout with a completed questionnaire tailored to the plane they are flying (you can find these on the fleet page for the aircraft being flown). Additionally:
    • For the club RG, there is a 5-10 hour minimum checkout. More information can be found on the fleet page for N5126V.
  • Annually the club requires a checkout in the “highest level” plane the member would like to fly in (i.e. if you would like to fly the RG, you must checkout in the RG).
  • Annually each member must complete individual questionnaire’s for each aircraft they are authorized to fly (see Member Documents).
  • Members can roll a BFR into their annual checkout if they would like, and the club credits $65 per year for annual flight reviews.