Why join CFC? The main reason most of our members have joined is because of an intense passion to fly. That being said, many find it to be cost prohibitive at times. Both aircraft rental, and ownership, can be quite expensive. Also, any good pilot needs to fly regularly to be proficient in the art of flying. As a non-profit organization we have taken some of the best qualities of aircraft ownership and combined them with reduced costs. Some of the largest costs incurred with an aircraft are the yearly fixed costs. These are things like the tie-down/hangar costs, insurance, and FAA annual inspections. These are constant whether you fly 10 hours or 200 hours annually, therefore the more one flies per year, the less per hour those costs are. With CFC we are able to share these costs by maintaining a pilot to plane ratio of up to 1:15. This allows us to keep costs low, but also ensures that we never grow so large that scheduling an aircraft becomes difficult.

What does CFC offer it’s members?

  • Annually, a $65 credit for annual flight review, BFR or IPC is included with member dues.
  • We have an online scheduling, maintenance, and billing system by
  • Book up to 3 future reservations at once.
  • Book 2 weekend days per month.
  • Once per year you can schedule any aircraft for an extended period from 5-14 days.

What does it cost?

  • $800 in annual dues (can be paid in 2 installments) ~ no aircraft “buy-in” or “shares”. We lease our aircraft from a third party.
  • $400 initiation fee (used to self insure and fund our budget to ensure we keep < a 1:15 pilot to aircraft ratio).
  • Piper Cherokee 180 – $109 per hour Hobbs, Wet Rate
  • Cessna Skyhawk 172 – $107 per hour Hobbs, Wet Rate
  • Cessna 172RG – $138 per hour Hobbs, Wet Rate

How do I join?